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If you are traveling any distance, please make sure to bring a cooler with you. Ice packs, or frozen bottles work best. The clams should not be put directly in ice as they are alive and fresh and this will shock them.

Clams are packed in mesh bags, at a minimum be sure to bring a bag or container that will catch liquid. We may have some plastic bags on hand, but like to minimize those :)

There will be some smashed and/or empty clams in your bags that slipped through during processing. We have added 6 extra clams to help cover the loss. We suggest that you go through your bags to remove the broken clams before they begin to spoil.

When storing - Clams like 45 degrees when possible. They will do best in the back of the fridge away from any draft. Placing in a strainer over a pan or bowl is recommended, to keep them dry and catch the liquid. You can cover with a towel but do not put them in an air tight container. There is no expiration date on live clams and you should expect a shelf life of at least 10 days when handled properly.

If you see clams that are open in the fridge, this does not mean that they have died - they are most likely too cold. Give them 10 minutes to warm up on your counter and 'wake up' before considering them gone. After this if they do not close with a spray of fresh water, or a quick tap you should toss them.

To prepare for cooking - These clams are pretty clean and have been purged over the waters that they live in. If you would like one final purge we recommend COOL (~70 degrees) water at a ratio of 1/3 cup salt per gallon for about 30 minutes. But we tend to just give a quick rinse and throw them straight in the pan.

Again we cannot thank you enough, we hope you enjoy, and please feel free to reach out with any questions at all 💚